Innovation Ecosystem

The best way to innovate is for a large company to view itself as an innovation ecosystem. Because of its core business, an established company cannot be as flexible as a startup, which can focus itself on creating one single product. Instead, established companies need to increase their innovation capabilities from within, without endangering their core business. This requires a big change in the organizational structure, which should ultimately lead to a company that can both search for new business models and execute existing ones.

The blogs are categorized into different elements that come into play with an Innovation Ecosystem. Combined with the “Must Read” blogs it gives you a perfect understanding of what innovation ecosystems are and how to improve one.

Innovation software to measure
your company’s innovation ecosystem

Must Reads

Innovation Management Matrix
Esther Gons

The Innovation Management matrix

Setting up a dedicated management system for startup innovation is something that can be only done if there is a clear way of deciding what is what. Ultimately this is one of the necessary steps in professionalising innovation within your company.

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Recent Articles

Esther Gons

The corporate ‘Innovation Mascot’

-”Ok, we agree, let’s try innovation. We’ll start slow, with 2 or 4 startups and see what happens”. I have heard this often enough. It seems a logical thing to do, try something first. The problem lies in the fact that people often forget that investing in ideas is, and always will be, a betting game. So the chances of these two or four startups becoming a success are slim considering the odds of 2 out of 10 will make it big.

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