Create a transparent innovation process,
with GroundControl as your single source of truth

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Corporate Startup

For teams that are working on one startup
30 per startup per month

Innovation Lab

Best for labs that have up to 10 projects
50 per startup per month


Fully adapted to your needs
Custom Based on your requirements

Plot stage relevant assumptions on canvases

Bring your own canvas

Get guidance on what is currently most risky

Create experiments

Split experiments into concrete tasks and divide them amongst team members

Get guidance on running experiments with an interactive content platform

Document learnings coming out of experiments

Share learnings accross startups

Make evidence-based decisions to pivot or persevere

Determine stage of each startup

Use stage gate questions to determine progress to the next stage

Use Portfolio Board meetings to log progress of all your teams

Customise your innovation funnel

Customise stage gate questions

Automatically track relevant Innovation KPIs

Startup-Level Innovation Accounting

Portfolio-level Innovation Accounting

Plot startups on a funnel

Create Innovation Theses and map startups

Setup Portfolio Boards and log their meetings

Overview of Funding rounds

Track time spent per stage per startup and across the portfolio

Track money spent per stage per startup and across the portfolio


Multiple levels of access control

Encryption - during transit and in rest

Export data

Audit Log

SSO (Google, Microsoft, LDAP)

Your Cloud or Ours?

Ours at Amazon AWS Frankfurt

Ours at Amazon AWS Frankfurt

Ours (World-Wide), Yours,
or even On-Premise



Best Effort

Best Effort

Dedicated support

Pay per invoice

Free onboarding session

Help with professionalising your innovation activities

Customised training programs


Train-the-Trainer programs

Playbooks and custom content platforms

We also have discounted plans for non-profit organisations. Get in touch to learn more.

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