Innovation Ecosystem articles

The best way to innovate is for a large company to view itself as an innovation ecosystem. Because of its core business, an established company cannot be as flexible as a startup, which can focus itself on creating one single product. Instead, established companies need to increase their innovation capabilities from within, without endangering their core business. This requires a big change in the organizational structure, which should ultimately lead to a company that can both search for new business models and execute existing ones.

The blogs are categorized into different elements that come into play with an Innovation Ecosystem. Combined with the “Must Read” blogs it gives you a perfect understanding of what innovation ecosystems are and how to improve one.


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Innovation Ecosystem
Cohorts: because averages hide the pattern

When I first started using good metrics (I was no longer focussing on vanity metrics like total registered users) I had a hard time wrapping my head around Retention. What does it mean when you have 25% active users. Do they come back every day? Or every week? How do you measure that 25%? It […]

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Innovation Ecosystem
Vision; why you need one

From passion to vision, why all startups should think about it. The one thing I ask first when visualizing business models and strategy is; “What is your Vision?” Why I ask this? Because I think that Vision is a very important part of your business. It guides you, it keeps everyone on the same road and […]

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