About GroundControl

In the past 15 years we have started several startups, one was very successful and grew to millions of users and was sold to Telegraaf Media Group, others failed and taught us valuable lessons. We have invested our own money, both personally and professionally via NEXT Startup Ventures, in multiple startups and were involved as mentors and curriculum builders during the start of Rockstart Accelerator back in 2011. Rockstart is now one of Europe’s leading accelerator programs active in the domains of AI, Energy, Health, and Web&mobile.

All of our experiences have led us to develop our own methodology to successfully execute innovation. A methodology we have tested with several hundred startups and corporates from all over the world. The core principles are explained in our book “The Corporate Startup” and additional frameworks such as “the Next Canvas” are used to bring these principles to practice.

We do not believe in a one-size-fit’s-all model for innovation. Structure, processes, and KPI’s are important, but every business and business context is different so we always adapt our methodology to our customers. Together wíth our customers.

GroundControl is the result of all our learnings and best practices. We built GroundControl during the last 5 years to support our consultancy business. Now it is our core business. 

In the past years, we’ve worked with clients such as DHL, Sony Mobile, Schiphol, ABN Amro, and several others.