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What makes a good metric?

Last time we did a short introduction on analytics. We explained that numbers that can only go up and to the right are called vanity metrics. Metrics that only exist make you feel good. For example, the total amount of signups since the beginning of your startup is a vanity metric. In this blogpost we […]

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Measuring Innovation Teams
An introduction to startup analytics

One of the most requested topics when mentoring startups are analytics. Startup founders know that they have to measure things and that analytics are the solution, but not a lot of people know how to actually apply it. The problem is that even after reading the books (like Lean Analytics, which I can highly recommend), it is still hard to apply to your own startup.

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Innovation Ecosystem
Vision; why you need one

From passion to vision, why all startups should think about it. The one thing I ask first when visualizing business models and strategy is; “What is your Vision?” Why I ask this? Because I think that Vision is a very important part of your business. It guides you, it keeps everyone on the same road and […]

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