Lean Startup
Why The Mom Test is still one of the best startup books

Recently, we worked together with author Rob Fitzpatrick to translate The Mom Test into Dutch. It’s one of the first books that we recommend to anyone that is involved with (corporate) startups or lean innovation. At the time of writing this, Rob’s book is more than 6 years old. You’ll find that plenty of books […]

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Innovation Accounting
Innovation Accounting framework, what is it? and who is it for?

Today we will be talking about the “innovation accounting framework” that Esther and Dan introduced in their book Innovation Accounting. Things like employee’s skills and culture (that are intangible) are becoming more and more important for companies their in-market success. Organizations are more reliant on innovation to drive profit than ever before. A new, non-financial, […]

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Measuring Innovation Portfolio
Innovation tracking: How to get started?

We see a lot of organizations that want to start tracking innovation performance by using innovation accounting. But where should you start? And what are the hurdles? Questions like these are very common and logical as we are just entering a new area of corporate innovation. In this blog, we will discuss what to do […]

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