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Add Venture Board decisions

In GroundControl you can easily see in which stage each Startup is in their journey from business idea to validated business models. When going from one stage to the next, we do that by creating a Venture Board decision, detailing the promotion, but also the amount of money invested and the goal for the next period. By doing this, you start with making your portfolio management data-driven.

Not only can you move Startups between stages, this is also the way to invalidate startups.

Via the funnel

The easiest way to move a Startup to the next stage, is by dragging it to the desired stage in the funnel. A pop-up will automatically open to create a new Venture Board decision.

Via the Startup’s Innovation Accounting tab

An alternative way to add a Venture Bord decision is via the Startup’s Innovation Accounting tab, clicking the Plus button on the top-right.