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Set up Innovation Accounting 
with GroundControl as your single source of truth

Built for corporate innovation labs and venture builders

You're in good company

GroundControl is designed to support innovation managers and their startups

We learn about the problem to create a solution

Innovation Managers

  • Have real-time insights into the performance of their innovation program with innovation accounting.
  • Have a visual overview of the progress of all corporate startups.
  • Can report with confidence to the board with clear and visual data. 
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Corporate Startups

  • Always know what is currently most risky and receive suggestions on which experiment fits best to test that.
  • Have a single source of truth of all learnings and decisions, shared with other corporate startups.
  • Understand what their next steps are in their journey to a validated business model.
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Manage your portfolio with confidence

GroundControl helps you to professionalize your innovation lab
by offering a systematic approach to innovation.


Determine the stage of your startups

Follow your startups through their innovation journey. With GroundControl you always know in what stage your startups are. Embrace Data-Driven Funding, like a true Venture Capitalist, thanks to data-driven Portfolio Board decisions
Key Questions per stage
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Innovation Accounting

Take the right decisions at the right time

Automatically keep track of relevant KPIs that help you in improving success. Get a visual overview of the performance of the startups in your portfolio. Manage your investments and see which teams are performing best and why.


Report with confidence to the board

Make the success of your innovation program visible with clear and visual insights. Report with consistent and relevant data to enable data-driven decision making.
The Corporate Startup book

We literally wrote the book on designing Innovation Ecosystems

Not only do we write software, we put our thoughts into books as well.
The concepts of our award-winning book are used by 20.000+ companies throughout the world.

We are writing the book on how to put Innovation Accounting into practice

GroundControl implements all the best practices from Esther Gons’ and Dan Toma’s newest book, 
that is a practical guide to measuring the performance of your innovation ecosystem.
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Help your startups make innovation work

Bring your own way of working and GroundControl helps you make it more structured


What is currently most risky?

GroundControl acts as a digital coach and helps your teams to determine what is currently most risky, in relation to your defined stage-gates, and prioritize what to work on next.


The right experiment to test

Your startups are offered a selection of possible experiments based on their most-risky assumptions and the stage their startup is in.

Our academy can give your startups a step by step explanation on how to run their selected experiment.


Know what to do and when to do it

Once an experiment has been defined, it’s time to execute. GroundControl helps teams in breaking up experiments into individual tasks so that everyone knows what to do, and when to do it.

Depending on the type of experiment the team runs, GroundControl offers additional tools to help them.


Get relevant learnings out of experiments

Gather evidence and turn it into decisions. Each experiment is turned into a better understanding on what to do next.

Easily share learnings with other startups and make them searchable.

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Why we built GroundControl

12 Years of experience translated into software

In the past 12 years, we have helped and invested in hundreds of startups and helped professionalize dozens of corporate innovation labs. We are very proud of our work at DHL, Schiphol, ABN Amro, and Sony, to name a few. We’ve created the NEXT Canvas to help (corporate) startups focus on their most risky assumptions and started using our innovation sprints to make innovation work. Esther wrote The Corporate Startup and we took a deep dive into how Innovation Accounting could work for you.

Back in 2015, we started building a software platform to make our consultancy activities transparent and measurable. To be able to be better startup coaches, we needed to create a way to scale coaching activities. We were encountering the same challenges as you do today.

In early 2020 we decided to flip our business model. Instead of offering our consultancy services with a software platform on the side, we now fully focus on making GroundControl the platform to help innovation managers professionalize innovation.

All of our experience, all our lessons, and best practices we now combine in the GroundControl platform. Like to give it a try?

What makes GroundControl different from other innovation management software?

GroundControl helps you to professionalize innovation and get started with data-driven portfolio management and innovation accounting. At the same time, you can maintain your current way-of-working.
Not clear what makes GroundControl unique? Let us explain it in a call.